What Is It?

The Children’s Program at the Sell Team Academy is designed to shape the lives of children as we teach our students the history and art of Taekwondo. As many would expect through learning the techniques our students develop physical strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and self-defense. Yet there are so many other benefits our students gain. At the Sell Team Academy, we are devoted to fostering character development. Our strong culture of respect, discipline, integrity and self-control promotes mindfulness in these areas prompting our students to continue these practices outside of Taekwondo.  There are so many opportunities to grow and learn from white belt to black belt therefore our students are constantly challenged to learn new things – blocks, strikes, memorization, combinations, self-defense, and much more.  As students are challenged these are occasions to witness our students improve their self-esteem, confidence, courage, focus, concentration, and persistence. At the Sell Team Academy, it’s more than just punching and kicking, our students experience life-lasting changes through our teaching and instruction of Taekwondo.

How is it taught?

Our students are provided with a variety of instruction – group classes, weapons training, textbook, videos, seminars, and tournaments. Our group classes are 45 minutes in length.  In these classes, our positive and motivating Black Belt Instructors work with the students as they learn their assigned curriculum.   The students may be instructed to work in groups or individually as they practice their techniques. The classes are broken down to focus on certain aspects of the students requirements to ensure the student can learn at their ability.  We have detailed lesson plans for each class that include many exercises as well as drills and skills that keep our classes upbeat and exciting.  It is important for our students to find excitement as they strive for their next belt rank.  If the student desires, they can also pick one or several weapons to learn.  Our weapons training include bo staff, kamas, nun chuks and open hand.   “Forces of Taekwondo” is our textbook used as a complement to our class instruction.  We have several videos that are specific to fundamentals, forms and weapons training that can offer additional instructions.  Throughout the year seminars and tournaments are hosted to further enhance our student’s knowledge and development.  We encourage parent involvement as your child learns to sets goals and to achieve them.  With all of this combined our quality instructors are dedicated to see our students succeed.

Do they earn belts?

Yes!  Our children’s curriculum is documented for each belt.  The curriculum includes details for basic and advance fundamentals, advanced kicking, one step and free sparring, forms, oral quiz and essay requirements to achieve their next belt rank.  For beginner and intermediate belt ranks our students train to test every two months.  The advanced belts progression is every four to six months.

To earn a new belt rank, our students demonstrate their ability to perform each requirement with proficiency. Success is dependent on the capabilities of each student!

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Find out why so many parent’s just like you are LOVING the RESULTS that their children are getting

Learn How Martial Arts Changed The
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Studies show that children who are active in MARTIAL ARTS do better in school AND have a better home life!

 Foster Self-Discipline

 Boost Socialization Skills

 Encourage Physical Activity

 Increase Self Esteem

 Develop Teamwork Skills

 Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

 Instilling a Sense of Respect

 Encourage Conflict Resolution

 Improve Listening Skills

Get Started Today! ” Test Drive our Award Winning Programs

Find out why so many parent’s just like you are LOVING the RESULTS that their children are getting