What is It?

The Teen and Adult Program at the Sell Team Academy is designed to challenge our more mature students, giving them the same martial arts instruction that has been passed down since 1967. The Teen/Adult students receive a more rigorous training curriculum than the children, which helps our students develop balance, coordination and flexibility while they progress through the historic U.S. Chung Do Kwan System. Adults tell us they have found a great atmosphere to develop new friends, stress relief, fitness, challenge their mind, keeping their memory active through the memorization of forms, flexibility, strength and much more.   At the Sell Team Academy, we are devoted to fostering character development. Our strong culture of respect, discipline, integrity and self-control promotes mindfulness in these areas prompting our students to continue these practices outside of Taekwondo.  There are so many opportunities to grow and learn from white belt to black belt therefore our students are constantly challenged to learn new things blocks, strikes, memorization, combinations, self-defense, and much more.  As students are challenged these are occasions to witness our students improve their self-esteem, confidence, courage, focus, concentration, and persistence. At the Sell Team Academy, its more than just punching and kicking, our students experience life-lasting changes through our teaching and instruction of Taekwondo.

How is it taught?

The superior curriculum taught at the Sell Team Taekwondo Academy is documented in our official textbook, Forces of Taekwondo. The curriculum is supported by group classes, private lessons, seminars, DVD training aides and the unique U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association’s Tournament Circuit. Our students learn the original style of modern Taekwondo from the foremost authority in America, the United States Chung Do Kwan Association and has been proclaimed as “The Besto f the Best” by the highest ranked man on the planet, Sr. Grandmaster Uhm Uoon Kyu from the World Headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Our philosophy is to teach “Old Traditions with New Ideas.” This keeps us on the cutting edge of fitness instruction without sacrificing the basic fundamentals of this ancient form of self defense. Using the first Taekwondo textbook written by an American (“Forces of Taekwondo” by Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, our founder and Sr. Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell, President), we make sure that every student is taught the proven curriculum. After working through the beginner ranks, students have the opportunity to choose to add to their training our Chung Do Extreme curriculum, which includes learning weapons like the Bo Staff, Nunchucks and Kamas.

Do they earn belts?

Yes! It is actually through our documented and copy written belt system that students learn how to set and achieve short-term, intermediate and long-term goals and builds confidence. It is through the belt system that students get to see their progress toward Black Belt and beyond. Belt tests are scheduled every other month for the beginner and intermediate ranks. As a student gets closer to Black Belt, testing cycle changes to 4 months between belts. To earn each rank, students must demonstrate their ability to perform their curriculum with proficiency. Each belt is backed by America’s oldest Taekwondo Association – The U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, since 1967.

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